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An Assembly of Faith (AOF) of the Advancing Noah Movement



Godianity believes in God

Followers of this religion are called Godians

God likes people

God has a sense of humour

God designed the universe and all its laws

God made humans after his own and the angels image

God created sex

God likes people to enjoy sex

God designed men to have sex with women

God likes music

God enjoys the Rainbow as the sign of his covenant with mankind

God doesn’t like strife, tension and arguments

God prefers peaceful ways

God has infinite knowledge

God loves people very much

God has a sense of humour

God is very patient with people

God is compassionate

God likes people to get along with each other

God likes nature

God made the plants and the animals

God understands humans

God is kind

God is good

God has a good reputation

God created the human mind and understands its complex workings

God understands you

God loves you


We believe in God. Some people take that for granted. Some people know him and his presence, and other just take it on faith or reason or logic. Some believe it is scientifically provable through knowledge of Creation Science. I generally hold to each. God enters the mind of imagination and idea, often, when we are young, and becomes the central pillar of absolute authority and love who we trusts runs the universe and sorts all the problems out. That central trust is the heart of Godianity. We trust in God. We focus on God in prayers of intercession of our heart, soul and spirit, for the world to be a better place continuously. If we love God that is a good and great thing, but more to know him, even through his creation and the wisdom of the Grand Design, for then we can rest in the comfort of his visible works, waiting for the eternal light of heaven to dawn upon us when we can know him face to face.

We are Godians. It is a simple enough title, but how else do we express who we follow alone as the central and guiding light of our life. We are based on knowledge of God himself, seen through a kaleidoscope of realities and truths, some which might make sense in our own understanding just to us, for who can fairly judge our own heart anyway, cept he be the Creator of Love, God himself. We take God's name, and wear it with humble pride, walking in faith in his guidance and provision, bearing his moniker, each day at a time.

So obviously God likes people, for he made them in his likeness, and after this very example, so should we like others. To love them with all our being is such a demand at times, yet the gentler heart of 'I Like You' can sometimes outshine and verily outlast the bewailings of a true love which only lasts but a season. Liking God is the heart of our faith, for passion and love are tremendous things, and at the end of our faith perhaps we can say God loves us and we him. But we rest in early steps of liking people and seeing goodness in things from the heart of God's creation.

Gentle laughs from childhood at silly games and silly faces, and silly jokes and silly stories. God is a laughing God, who delights in our innocence, but verily who can rightly say whether the more sarcastic moments of us caught unawares are really not the thing which God himself might slightly smile upon. Who can really say?

The eternal mind comprehended design and put it into place with eternal power and wisdom. God created all and designed it all and, in understanding the beauties and complexities of the grand design we can appreciate, perhaps more than anything else, that not only is God Infinitely Intelligent, but caring with a good heart to place in the centre of his creation the simple heart of affection we show towards spouse, family and neighbour.

For we are like God, for we are beings of knowledge and virtue, and through good deeds of faith we live eternal, walking with the Most High on the pathways of Infinity. And like the Angels, we are living and alive creatures, able to perceive beauty and glory as well as darkness and evil. For in the image of God have we been verily made, and knowing all that is good and all that is evil are the touchstones of our lives which enshroud us with the most real of things – choice – which is the exercising of a mind, like God and the Angels, which shapes its destiny through the power of decisions.

Ohh, la la. She really is an attractive young lady. But make sure you get the wedding ring on, or that shotgun wedding will be upon you before you can blink. You see, the power of attraction to the opposite sex is one of the mysteries of God we can't really explain, but which, at times, every fibre of our being struggles with on a daily basis to ensure we are doing those things which will advent or allow that good loving to continue. God made sex. Ok. It was his idea. The idea that you should feel guilty for something which is natural is just dumb, because the lord is the author of the orgasm. Yet, when and were you climax to your heart's content is a very serious issue, and there is wisdom in the old truths of fidelity to your marriage partner.

A powerful 'Oh God' when your time has drawn near to climax should inform you quite accurately whose idea that was in the first place. You see, God wants you to enjoy the sexual experience with your partner. He wants you to enjoy their bodily assets – that is why he made them so attractive. And the whole point of being attracted to them is to do something about it, and secure a mate for some good loving and child bearing. Yes, God is the God of the family, and through ongoing procreation the earth is replenished every day, which is one of the chief purposes and plans of God from generation to generation with the children of mankind.

Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve. Kapiche? But if I have to spell it out any clearer to you, God designed the natural procreative order on the male having sexual intercourse with the female to produce offspring through childbirth. Homosexuality is one of those magical occurrences were none such realities of childbirth occur in any natural way. Tis an abomination, cries the priest of old fashioned faith, and while times and seasons flow eternal and the whims of its correctness at any particular stage of history flow alike those changing times, it remains eternally true that only a man and a woman can verily maketh a child.

Even Iron Maiden have their time and their place. Perhaps, so much more, the gentle alleluias of the chosen of God. Music occurs naturally, and one must, must assume, that God delights, as much as you or I, in the gentle strumming of the lute and the beautiful voice of the maiden. Music is a balm for the soul, and one which gets many a soul through a difficult day and often entertains us when other avenues of interest may seem a bit bland for a while. Music is good for the soul and godly music is usually the best tonic for a depressed heart. But, yea, as I have said, even the clashing guitars of the Hard Rock Heroes have their time and their place and in such passions of life you live some days like no others before you.

Rainbows are beautiful and brilliant and gay. Rainbows light up the world and light up the day. They are pure and innocent, kind and sweet. For your heart they are God's fairest and most colourful treat. The Rainbow is eternal, for it is a sign of God's covenant to never flood the earth again. In all eternity he will never deluge mankind as he did in the days of Noah. And the Rainbow shows us the light and purity and colour of God, a beautiful sign of the miraculous in nature and how perfect God's creation really is, a testimony to the mind of the Grand Designer, a sure and valid proof of the existence of God eternal.

Why must you always be right? Let it go and be wrong for once. Show some humility and let anger be at rest, or do you delight in being a pest? There is no fun in anger, there is no grace in hate, there is no peace in violence, just war at the gate. Let got of your hatreds and tensions and strifes, and show peace to your children and show peace in your life.

Let your inner peace be the strength of prayers to God asking him to work in you and make you an ambassador for this virtue which flows eternally from the heart of God, ending war and bringing civilization, which should be the heart and call of the entire Godian community.

God has a spirit of infinite knowledge within him. There are aspects of the divine which have no end in what he considers are has access of information upon. The exact nature of this infinite knowledge is for him alone to know, yet the prophet declares he knows the end from the beginning, and accomplishes all his will. Godians trust in the Lord as the Lord of Life, and follow him in good faith, knowing he has all our problems well within his capabilities of solving.

For as our faith in God grows, we begin to see the love of God in our hearts and lives. It is a love replete with mercy and grace and, when we know we have sinned and know we have done wrong, sometimes we are dumbfounded by God who simply says to us 'I know what you have done, just repent a little my child', and handles us with true grace, leading us through his mercy to the point of repentance in which we thank him for the clean slate he grants us with anew.

And we learn to appreciate the subtle humour in it all, the sheer cheek of living eternally with all its dramas and enchantments. Yet, more than this, can we not see in our own hearts and souls that God's greatest act of humour is to create the very souls we are? How can any greater fool exist than the one who I am? How can any greater comedian exist than the one I look upon in the mirror each day? Yea, I am God's fool, yea I am God's comedian, and his purest love has fashioned a soul so full of love and charm, wit and humour, that I can rest in my child's little shenanigans knowing well and true that I am as such and have only gotten bigger and bigger and bigger.

God is very slow to anger, and as Godians we should be patient with all who come across our pathways, knowing that they are only human also and may not have yet mastered knowledge of immortality. For good things to come to us, we often want them immediately, but there is a famous saying which says good things come to those who wait, so for the good things in life to come to us we often have to be more patient then we really like and endure to our wind of favour starts blowing our tune of fortune the way we really like. Be patient fellow Godians, for in God's good time will favour spread its wings of your own particular nesting egg.

God cares for the poor and the widow and orphan and sickly and destitute and those without clothing. He is a God of compassion and Godians always look to the example of God and follow in his footsteps in learning our morals and codes of behaviour.

God is a God of peace and likes his children of walk in harmony with each other. Life, if we let it, can be so full of argument and tension, and so much of this is the product of our pride which just wants its own way and to dominate the lives of others. Be peaceful – be yielding – and learn the gentle and productive spirit of cooperation, were more is achieved through the team working together, than the pride of a solitary and dictatorial voice which justs wants it all its own way and only ever produces disastrous results. Walk in harmony, fellow Godians, and listen to the voice most carefully of each voice in your community drawing them into the like ways of peace and unity and cooperation.

Nature is the handiwork of God, something which shows the affections of the master's heart. One must imagine that the author of a masterpiece delights in his product, so much so more must one verily acknowledge then that the greatest work of all, the grand design of nature in all its beauty and fierceness and pride and glory must delight the heart of the creator like nothing else. And in knowing that God must enjoy his handiwork, so much more should we, his blessed people, take delight in the goodness of creation and the natural order, and not rebel against those ways of moral and trueness we find within our souls which guide us to walk in harmony with this green and blue world we find ourselves in, to love our mother earth and to protect her from all wrongs and harms which we could cause upon her in abuse greater than that of natural need.

God designed the complexities of the human soul, heart and spirit. He knows he we function, how we think and behave. You are known by God and can not fool him, for he is the Lord of Life and the Master of our own brilliance.

If we can follow the kindness of God in our own example, the world can't help but be a better place because of it. For life is a pleasure when we are loved by others, but so much more so through simple acts of kindness were even the most strange of souls to our world can be beacons of the light of eternity with a simple thoughtful word, a kind act or a generous and caring deed. And thus should we emulate all the kindness of the most innocent of strangers.

When all is said and done, God has treated us with goodness. He has taken care of us and judged us fairly and with mercy. All this comes from a heart which is thoroughly good and rejects all forms of evil to dwell within his soul, for he knows that evil is sin and sin is death, and God is the Lord of Eternity, not the lord of temporal evil.

God has a good reputation. You don't have to go far to meet those who respect and adore the creator of the universe. All over the world people call on the name of God, seeking him out in prayer and worshipping his glory, for he is the Creator of the Universe, the Sovereign Power, and has exercised that power with Justice and Mercy, which he promises to do so from Eternity to Eternity. God's reputation is worthy of his glory, for it is true, accurate and just. He is a Kind, Graceful and Loving Lord of Salvation, and in knowing his name is eternally good, we as Godians share in the most blessed of names.

You may think you are an original thinker, but God created your very thought processes and ability to think. Show some humility my friend. In all the complexity of the human mind and it workings, nothing is beyond's comprehension, for he is the designer of all nature, including man. And this shows us that God is rightly in control of human society and that no great happenings occur without God being able to have a handle on it, for he knows our powers and strengths and he knows our limitations.

So in all that we are that comes from God, how can we not really know that, unlike anyone else, God understands us. He knows us intimately, our ways, the fascinations of our mind and hearts and soul. The things we crave and the inmost secrets of our beings. God searches us out to know us and to draw closely to us when we draw close to him in acts of repentance and the turning away from sin and wrath. Yea, when we soften our heart, God searches us, to then know and understand all the complexities that make us who we are. And being completely known by God, we can rely on him ensuring our future, when we entrust it unto him, is shaped for the greatest beneficience our hearts could ever hope for.

And in being known, at the end of our walk, we know that God must love us, and by knowing he loves us, let us try and love him also. To the end of inifnity and forever. AMEN.

Dialogue from the original 'Godianity' thread on the alt.religion.angels group

Yes. I agree.  Yahweh is God.  Jesus was only a human being.  I am not a Christian.  I am a Karaite Noahide.  a witch friend of mine has commented on the idea of the 'Goddess'.  i even had the first issue of the recent aussie mag titled as such.  ruach ha kodesh creates femininity, yet ruach ha kodesh is masculine.  EVE came from ADAM.  not the other way round.  twas the woman tempted first, after all. Lilith was apparently Adam's first wife from the legends I hear about.  She fell into evil, though.  These traditions seemed to have arisen much later, and don't appear to be in the scriptures or the pseudepigraphal records.  This does not necessarily invalidate their claims - revelation to man from God in a post-scriptural era, through whatever mediumship he desires, is an interesting idea worth considering.  Lilith?  Really?  Another wife?  I personally doubt the veracity in such an idea, as I do in the idea of 'Goddess'.  God is a personal being, capable of emotions, and understanding feminine softness.  Yet he is above this in many intellectual ways as well, for his mind is infinite, and mere base femininity and masculinity are not necessarily always the focal point of how he wishes to relate himself to others.  He created woman - he understands woman - the psychology, framework, psyche, mentality - everything about woman - God already knows.  His mind is infinite.  The way, though, he has primarily chosen to relate himself is through the witness of divine write - the Hebrew Bible.  This is the chief revelation of the conceptual ideas mankind should receive about God.  Other revelations can often corrupt and distract from the divine truths represented in the Word of God.  Yet knowledge of 'Truth' is not limited to divine scripture, for an abundance of historical facts bely truth, as does the laws of science and nature, and the mathematical concepts for understanding numerical ideas.  To me Goddess is old pagan idolatry - not factual - but however the divine communicates with your own heart is for you alone to appreciate.  I have not yet walked in your shoes (that I am aware of anyway.)  Daniel the Karaite Noahide. 

No.  Man contains the chemicals he was designed with.  Oestrogen is not a special 'super female' chemical.  It is just a chemical.  God designed men and women differently, according to his purposes.  They were designed that way. The fantabulous mythologies you ascribe to the process are unscriptural.  They were simply designed that way, the construction of Eve starting from Adam's rib. A certain percentage of monotheists hold to theistic evolutionary theory.  The revival fellowship apparently does. Cardinal Pell in Sydney, Australia recently called Adam and Eve stories fables.  There are others who believe it as historical documents.  I hold them as historical.  I guess I am fundamentalist in some ways, but I always listen to biblical criticism. There have been various uses of the word 'Godianity' in recent times.  I acknowledge all these writings as 'aspects' of the divine idea, and these writings in the way I define Godianity as a faith, even if from disparate and (apparently) contradictory sources, are how this eclectic faith defines itself. How life shapes the living faith of Godianity could be interesting.  This message thread, in my judgement, is central Godian theology. 

Godianity is a creation of Karaite Noahide faith.  The sign of Noah's covenant is the Rainbow.  Genesis ch nine. God / Dear El Shaddai / I humbly pray and ask of thee, bless this thread link to become the longest thread online of any group in history, and build Godianity as a faith for all eternity.  In YHWH'S Name I pray.  Daniel. You will find the story of Sodom in the ancient papyris.  A lot of people reconstruct history to suit there own purposes.  Genesis does not comment on Seth's sexuality.  He was the father of Enosh.  He had sex with women.  There is no discussion of sodomy in relation to Seth in scripture. 
I don't know about your relationships or covenants with God.  You have never mentioned that to me.  If you have an approved of divine faith from El Shaddai, that would be interesting.  Uh, the spirit speaks through me and my mind and heart just asked him wether you have an approved of faith.  He said 'she does.  It is quite ok to teach those things.'  Fine then.  Ok.  I accept you.  El Shaddai witnessed to me the confirmation of those Ten Bibles in the name of Noah's covenant with the witness of a Rainbow over Tuggeranong.  I am telling you the truth. 

God Almighty asked me to build on his rock Israel, and has authorized me as a prophet in the name of Noah's Covenant. If you don't believe me Ask him.  You will DEFINITELY Get an affirmation on me.  I didn't slave over the scriptures for the last seventeen years to miss my calling, sweetheart.  RIGHT!!!! 

Ok then Lady Brazen, what the heck is a wurm?  Is this some Dc vertigo fantasy? I don't know all the ins and outs of paganism/witchcraft/world spiritualty, and im not sure if i care.  JC never really ruled anyway.  he was just popular.  the muslim overlord has a huge fanbase as well.  its spirituality, sure.  they are only building advanced Queensrychian empires, but my epic Morning Stars II authorizes creativity anyway.  But if you want serious attention, Goddess aint gonna work. thats bs.  complete bollox.  one god jehovah. 


The New Testament can only be followed on a unitarian basis with a human-only Jesus approach.  To deify Jesus is idolatry. 

And you can join my google group Noahide Books for more information.  You will find your proof there. I am a descendant of Noah, of the Irish clan Daly.  I keep faith in Noah's covenant, the sign of which is the Rainbow.  Yahweh spoke to me and told me to build on his rock, the people of Israel.  Recently Yahweh ratified with me Ten Bibles for humanity, giving me another Rainbow sealing the covenant. In the group Noahide Books on Google Groups you can find the list of the Ten Bibles. 

Your idolatry has messed with your head, Lady Brazen.  Try reading Ezekiel chapter 18. I guess we just don't agree with each other.  You are obviously very passionate about your beliefs.  I don't agree with them, but do recognize they are important to you.  I think your beliefs are idolatrous, but you don't want to hear my opinion.  I serve God Almighty.  I don't know who you really serve, but I serve HIM.  I am not a Christian.  I am a Noahide.  I won't bother with this conversation anymore because I am upsetting you, which I don't wish to do.  Have a nice day. Daniel.  By the looks of it, Braze, your a sodomite on a spiritual quest.  I have noticed you piss off a lot of people.  Perhaps one of the first lessons you need to know is that God represents order, which is why the rules are so strict.  Try reading some bible chapters online. Read FULL chapters, and ask God to teach you.  You will find you will get along better with people after a while.  You 
need to be honest though and pursue God's agenda, not your own.  I guess we just don't agree with each other's beliefs.  I stand behind what I said about myself.  If you want to call me a liar that is your point of view, but I disagree.  The legends you talk about are interesting stories and fables, sort of like mythology to me, but nothing more.  Either way you will only push your own agenda I presume.  I am a Noahide, that is my faith, and I have no intentions of leaving my religion.  God be with you.  Daniel.  My name is Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.  I was brought up Catholic and my confirmation name is Tarcisius.  I was born on the 20th of November 1972.  I was born in Hull Maternity hospital in Kingston upon Hull in England.  My father was named Cyril Aloysius Daly and my mother Mary Philomena Baker.  She took the surname 'Daly' upon marriage. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters.  I am single, never married, no kids.  I live in the suburb Macarthur in the district of Tuggeranong in the city of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory in Australia.  I am a Karaite Noahide in religious faith.  I intend to live for the next few million years on earth, before dying and progressing to heaven. I have the spiritual knowledge from God to achieve this.  I don't play games with religion. 

I am very serious about doctrinal correctness, deny vehemently trinitarian theology, exalt Yahweh as the Creator God, teach principles from early genesis as the basis for extremely long lives if genuinely desired by a child of Adam and Eve, and denounce idolatry and violence as the root causes for the 'death' epidemic.  take torah literally, obey your own covenant perfectly, or die young.  nobody ever bothers to 100% obey torah, which is the only way you will get the fruit of the tree of life.  be perfect with people, or just keep on dreaming.  and you must regularly ask God for the tree of life and ask him about any concerns he has with you. 
address his issues, or 70 to 120 years is about the max.  kapiche. You might make your brag on the Bill of Rights - the glory of man.  My boast is in the power of the Living God, and his holy Eternal Rainbow Covenant.  Not a human code, which changes with the current politically correct whims of the fleeting.  Tell it to 'The Most High' on Judgement Day.  He loves hearing 'Glory Yarns.' He's got a million of them.  My family have made it this far in history - 6176 years to be precise, and the 'Daly's' are well known in Ireland for being literary and quietly spoken.  I choose the wise and the eternal, and the ways of peace and life and cooperation, 
rather than bondage to Satan's glory bragging, which all Babelites such as yourself eventually succumb to.  God chooses servants carefully - we are well tested - and Hell's strong grip, were beasts of pride reign, will welcome your valiant boasting.  Go to hell Devil.  THE FUTURE Skyscrapers.  Mountains of soil. Minerals.  We need to mine mountains for dirt, cultivate the soil with minerals, and layer levels of new skyscrapers in food manufacturing industrial centres with soil a number of centimetres to metres.  Grow grass, vegetables, flowers etc, graze chicken, and use solar powered plates on the skyscraper walls and roof for lighting and electricity. This is a reality as population continues to grow.  Further, skyscrapers full of horticulture and aquaculture tanks.  Earth CAN actually house and feed, potentially trillions to quadrillions of people, or even more. THE FUTURE Mankind needs to set aside Food manufacturing suburbs, build monolithic skyscrapers in them, mine mountain ranges, cultivate the soil with minerals and sewerage, layer each level of the skyscrapers with the produced soil of various thicknesses, and grow vegetables, flowers, graze chicken, and produce, especially chicken feed and fish feed.  In other skyscrapers, aquaculture and horticulture tanks need to be built, producing oodles of fresh food products.  Solar panels need to line the walls and rooves of these skyscrapers for lighting and heating. DD. I mean, how stupid are ya?  Seth was gay. Council of churches altered bible.  Are you really that thick?  Oh, I forgot. Your homosexual.  Don't like fucking a woman.  U take it up the arse.  I mean, all well and good, if that is what tickles your fancy.  But the blessing of stupidity accompanies such a lifestyle choice in time because it is not the complete will of God, and he blesses moreso the more biblically obedient a person.  Sure, be gay.  I really don't mind or care particularly, but don't expect the higher blessings.  Kapiche.  In terms of CGI porno, Haven allows whatever gets you off.  Legal or illegal porn, we just don't care.  We stress that as you develop spiritually you need to be in control of your sexual desires, but in terms of pornography we don't give a shit.  It is mainly about your inter-personal conduct were we take 
issue, but wank to bestiality or child porn, if that is what gets you off.   We stress principles from Leviticus, to wash after sexual relations and ejaculation, a vital practice very necessary for getting along with society, but after that we don't particularly care.  Just keep it clean.  was indeed raised a Roman Catholic.  I am no longer a Christian of any variety.  I have an interest in 'Human-Only' Jesus discussions in relation to specific passages in the Gospel's which I deem non-offensive and of a decent spiritual merit.  But I do not specifically follow Jesus of Nazareth or identify as a Christian.  Just some of the Gospel ideas inspire me.  What I 
would call Kosher aspects of his messages. Moonshadow?  Cat Stevens reference? Tribes of the sun?  I suppose you enjoy crypticity.  Yeh, thats it.  It gets you up in the morning.  Nothing like getting up, logging on, sledging all and sundry who wouldst dare the wrath of Lady Brazen, and spouting out endless 
vanities of self adulation, fucking off to the pub to talk shit with your mates, fucking off back to the lair to....well, fuck your mates, and being generally obnoxious, obsequious, obscene, obtuse, objectional, obusive (heh) and gosh darn cryptic.  But thats what makes Brazen, Brazen, one of God's finer corruption...uh, creations. 
Not Roman.  Tanakh.  Karaite.  Noahide. Jewish.  Remember I am really OLD testament.  Rainbow Covenant.  Rome is Ok.  But no big deal to me.  Indian culture and people are fine.  Idolatry is not.  Accepting people is 100% with me.  Justifying there unacceptable behaviours is not.  Caring for everyone is 100% with me.  Reacting to hatred from someone?   Well, I am only human. I DON'T have a go at people unless they deserve it.  When I mock, it is nearly always tongue in cheek, or kindhearted sarcasm, if passionate.  I don't hate ANYONE.  I want the best for everyone.  Heaven has about 700 trillion souls currently.  Ok.  The spirit told meso. People procreate also in heaven.  The Adamide community is by far the largest.  The Noahide community comes second. The Jewish community comes third.  The Christian community comes fourth.  The non-religious community comes fifth. Bahai and Islam are smaller groups, and a few others who are quite tiny. There is no idolatry there, and those approved of from other earthly religions are now in one of these heavenly groupings.  Ok.  Yes.  Genius, brazen.  Well explained. Moving on from vanity boy, Noahide faith is Universal in focus, glorifying God. Cults like brazen glorify the messenger.  Just like the ego of Jesus of Nazareth. Noah represents a concept of one family of mankind.  Noah is the father of post flood mankind, the religion being patriarchal, in tradition of natural religious spirituality which follows 'Natural Law' principles.  It is inherent in human conscience and our God given inclinations towards morality. One of the keys is to follow positive, rather than sinful, inclinations. Godianity expresses Noahidism as its universal focus, but allows viewpoints, such as Lady Azure, to express themselves.  It is mainstream, non-cultic, and meant to be practical, realistic and useful. Noahide faith teaches the death penalty for murder, not to eat blood, to wear clothes, that marriage between a man and woman is natural, that keeping genealogies is a sensible idea, to practice a lawful lifestyle, to listen to your conscience, to obey God, to be devoted to God.  They are the cardinal principles of Noahidism. Further, a weekly system of seven days would be the norm, resting on the sabbath day would be a voluntary choice after God's own example, offerings to God would be normal, all plants can be eaten for food, and for non-jews all animals with the blood drained can be eaten.  Of course, building an Ark was a task given to Noah, so God might have tasks for you if you carefully seek his will.  Everyone may apply. The death penalty is applied to rebellious people who desire to cause harm in society.  The spirit of God teaches the judge the kind of character each individual facing judgement is like. People who just want to 'Live and let live' have always been acceptable to God.  The strictness of the torah is to keep excessive carnality in check.  It is not anti-gay, but against wild and rebellious behaviour, for which the sodomites were known for.  Simply being homosexual does not carry the death penalty.  t's been a while.  Wonder if Lady Brazen will ever show up again.  Time to post in this thread.  Godianity is one of the Assemblies of Faith, now, of the Advancing Noah Movement, linked to Assembly of the Divine Creator.  Gosh, I said a heck of a lot of shitty things in the above dialogue with Lady Brazen.  Admittedly to piss him off, cause he's a gay man by the looks of it.  He must be on top of the world with the recent gay marriage fiasco.  I've probably matured a fair bit in the time since posting a lot of the above statements, and they don't really reflect my current attitude, nor really did back then.  Mostly just mouthing off for the heck of it.  But I should endeavour to be a little bit more responsible in the future.  Lady has false beliefs.  He or she is deluded - what more can you say really - but an interesting figure none the less.  Here are the links: 

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly 
Canberra, Australia